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all for you my king.
October 16, 2009, 8:24 pm
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Well, we tracked song #2 of our soon to be named new record. It’s looking like this is going to be an EP which basically means 5-6 songs…we’ll see which ones get picked. Right now we have a few to choose from. We really want to be sure we put the best ones on this as possible since we’re just recording 5-6.

The recording for “All for You My King” went great and we finally put something in a song I have wanted for a while…bells. You’ll have to wait and see…or, hear. Josh took quite a few cool photos from our day in the studio which you can find at our flickr page by clicking here or to your left. I also have a few photos on our flickr page from my trip to the U2 concert which was in a word…unbelievable. Ask me about it next time you see us if you want all the cool details.

Our next studio day will most likely be in December and we’ll then finish up in January with the EP. Hopefully, we will name this project soon and share that as well which will be immediately followed by a complete overhaul of all our little corners of the world wide web. This is the fun part for us to make everything look new and neat and tie it all in with the album artwork….creative juices are flowing in our camp that’s for sure.

Check back soon for a video update!!



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